Latest news on selected Australian biotech companies

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Latest news on selected Australian biotech companies

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Latest news on selected Australian biotech companies

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Latest news on selected Australian biotech companies

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Zoono Files Legal Proceedings Against Stayzon

December 4, 2018

    Global biotech company, Zoono Group Limited (ASX: ZNO) (‘Zoono’ or ‘the Company’), advises that it has commenced legal proceedings against MCS Capital Partners Pty Limited and Stayzon Retail Ventures Pty Limited (together, ‘Stayzon’) for breach of the Deed … Continue reading

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What Do Biotechnology Companies Do?

Biotechnology is the application of biology (the study of living organisms) to a technological outcome. The companies involved in this ground-breaking and rapidly evolving industry are seeking to profit from their innovation in a variety of fields. These areas include pharmaceuticals, agriculture, engineering, and medical science. Research and development lie at the heart of what biotechnology has to offer, so, many diverse applications in our lives. Biochemical engineering is providing new building blocks for human beings to construct our world with. Biomedical engineering is deriving new health care treatments via the synthesis of these two approaches to understanding how things work. Interdisciplinary specialisation is leading to breakthroughs in diagnosis and therapeutic solutions to health issues we face as human beings. Genetic engineering has seen the utilisation of genes to modify and manipulate cellular behaviour. DNA and Generically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are terms that have entered the modern lexicon to describe new understandings in this field. GM foods and crops have been at the forefront of the most successful biotechnology companies operating today around the globe.

Biotechnological Research & Development Produce Profits

Biotech companies are investing heavily into research and development in the hope of making vast profits from their game changing innovations. Companies like Ciba-Geigy and Calgene have developed virus resistant and pesticide producing crops through GM. Multinational corporation Monsanto is making billions of dollars annually from their GM agricultural products. They tightly control and license farmers to use their hybrid seeds to plant their crops. These include cotton, corn, soy and vegetable seeds. GM foods have attracted a great deal of controversy from green groups and farmers who resist their introduction on the basis of biosafety. Scientists developing genetically engineered crops have also been awarded the World Food Prize to honour their achievements in improving the quality and availability of food in the world. Genes are being removed or added to produce new versions of these plants. Transgenic, Cisgenic and Subgenic are all different types of gene modification. Studies by various scientific review journals have found that GM crops have had a positive effect on farming and agricultural production. GM crops have lower production costs, but higher seed costs, and, importantly, yield increases of between 9% and 25%.

History of Biotechnology
The ancients employed biotechnology through their farming applications. Domesticating wild animals into livestock was one of the earliest and most profound applications. Equally, the breeding and selection of the best crops for a particular environment was another integral historical biotechnological application. Human beings and their evolvement from a largely hunter gatherer modus operandi to an agrarian one, is a big part of our overall success as a species on this planet. Another keen example is the application of wild yeasts to brewing and breadmaking. Fermentation remains an important part of food production today, especially with the increasing popularity of a return to natural processing. Our enduring attachment to alcohol in all its many guises, with wine and beer at the forefront, remains a major biotechnological achievement, which continues to this day. Soy sauce and fish sauce are fermented to please the palates of half the world’s population. Biotechnology led to the development of antibiotics, which have saved countless millions of lives, since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Biotech Companies are the Future
Biotechnology companies are the future, when it comes to large investor and shareholder profits. Some say they are, also, the future, when it comes to saving the planet. Recycling and waste management are being transformed by biotech applications. Bioremediation can clean up industrial sites contaminated by toxic pollutants. Generating energy via the fermentation of organic waste into methane gases is another example. Medicine is being transformed by both genetic engineering and biopharmaceutics. Companies are discovering new medicines with which to treat diseases that have been plaguing humankind for centuries. Biotechnology is at the cutting edge of health and numerous other important aspects of our lives.

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Investment in biotech companies is at record highs around the globe!
In accord with this, is the launch of Australia & New Zealand’s first dedicated Biotech News Website.
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Share of economies in biotechnology patents filed under PCT, 2006.

OECD iLibrary: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and …
The new OECD cross-searchable online library containing over 5000 e-books, 5000 MS Excel™ tables, 400 statistical datasets and 2500 working papers.

Biotechnology is where the profits are for investors around the globe. The future is here today; and are you properly briefed?
The Top Ten biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the world generated around US$450 billion in revenue in 2017 (Statista 2018,

Largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies 2017 | Statista
This statistic shows the 2017 ranking of the global top 10 largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies, based on revenue. U.S. pharmaceutical company Johnson …

In Australia, biotech companies have increased industry revenue, despite the short-sighted cuts to funding by the Turnbull coalition government. Annual revenue is at $7 billion and annual growth between 2013 -2018 has been 3.1%. (IBIS World 2018, Medical biotechnology is where most of the action is in Australia right now. OECD figures predict that industry and primary production will likely be the main beneficiaries by 2030 (Aust. Govt. 2018,
Data and statistics
Biotechnology enables advances in health, agriculture, environment and industry. Medical biotechnology is the major application of biotechnology in Australia, currently.

Biotechnology – Australia Industry Research Reports …
The Biotechnology market research report provides key industry analysis and industry statistics, measures market size, analyzes current and future industry trends and …

Business expenditure on research and development, by biotechnology fields of research, 2007 – 2011
expenditure on research and
development, by biotechnology fields
of research, 2007 – 2011
Source: ABS cat. No. 8104.0 (2010-11)
Data and statistics
Biotechnology enables advances in health, agriculture, environment and industry. Medical biotechnology is the major application of biotechnology in Australia, currently.

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The latest news and information all in one convenient location. Expert analysis by industry professionals and a dedicated team of biotech content specialists. Avoid the flim flam and unverified hype prevalent on so many investor sites. launches the first Australian and New Zealand biotechnology site focused on our unique market and environment. Read about the science and biotechnology that is changing our world. Revolutionary new building materials derived from live sciences, which are transforming the way we construct our homes and buildings. New green technologies affecting recycling and waste management in our cities. Biomedical technologies changing the way we approach healthcare in this country. At you will be able to examine these applications in-depth and benefit from our expert analysis. Brings a Brighter Clarity to Biotechnology in Australia & New Zealand.

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Savvy Investing Tips in the Biotech Sector
At we have you covered when it comes to understanding this exciting and sometimes volatile investor market. Our investment advisors can walk you through some of the opportunities and challenges facing, what some are calling the most important sector on the planet in the twenty first century. Hyperbole or reality? We examine the facts and draw conclusions which will surprise, even, the most sceptical among us. The single most important factor in investing in innovative companies is getting on board earlier enough to reap real rewards. Of course, many of these biotech companies continue to grow exponentially for decades and reward long term investment strategies.

Biotechnology Investors Recognised as the Most Sophisticated in the Market
Industry experts agree that those who invest in biotech companies are, often, the most sophisticated investors in the market. They spend more time researching trade and financial media sources, reports, conferences, and websites. These people are the seers of our society, peering into the futures of a variety of industries. Biotech investors are not content to perceive things the way they are, they look to exciting innovations. At we understand that and have launched our new site with that firmly in mind. Read the data, that really matters, here first. Insightful and inspiring information presented in an easy to digest format for your smartphone or device.
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Latest news on selected Australian biotech companies

Latest news on selected Australian biotech companies

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