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Do you prefer listening to talking, me-time to socialising, and deep conversation to group activities? You’re probably also not so good at improvising, feeling socially awkward at times and don’t really know where to start at unplanned brainstorming meetings. Studies show that about one in every 2 or 3 Americans are introverts. However, we live in a culture that is biased against them. Susan Cain, author of Quiet, advises looking for “restorative niches” and build them into your day and into your work, no matter which personality type you are. This term, originally created by Professor Brian R. Little, refers to the place where you go to recharge and return to your true self. It could be a physical place, like the park next to your office, or a temporal one, like the quiet breaks you plan between sales calls. You can even create a restorative niche during a meeting, by carefully selecting where you sit, or how you participate, or choosing e-mail over an in-person meeting.

So if you are the hidden 30-50%, make time to recharge and communicate about your introverted-ness. You will certainly benefit from it and even help put your co-workers at ease. And for leaders, start to recognize the spectrum of personality in your team. After all, we all want to work in a place where the uniqueness of each individual is appreciated and valued.

Here come the jobs for the week 🙂

Check out the exclusive offers from Twist Bioscience or become a Research Scientist at Gubra. Just starting out? Check out the internship at Roche!

Exclusive Offers



Scientific Development Manager at Twist Bioscience. Germany. Click here

Synthetic Biology Account Manager at Twist Bioscience. Germany. Click here

Customer Support Specialist (SynBio) at Twist Bioscience. Europe. Click here

Researcher / Technician (Histology and Microscopy) at ProQR. Leiden, NetherlandsClick here

Biologist as Project Assistant at Microcoat Biotechnologie GmbH. Bernried, Germany. Click here

Clinical and Production

Product Engineering Scientist at Trinity Biotech. Wicklow, Ireland. Click here

Clinical Research Associate at Premier Research. Madrid, Spain. Click here

novocure logo

novocure logo

Clinical Trial Manager at Novocure. Root, Switzerland. Click here


Internship at Roche. Penzberg, Germany. Click here

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