Over the years, the field of Microbiology has spawned some of the most important discoveries across all of the biological sciences. The emergence of innovative research on the microbiome and its connection to human health is no exception to this. The explosion in the number of microbiome studies in recent years has provided evidence that these diverse microbial communities exert prominent influence on an array of clinical disorders. Technological advances have aided microbiome researchers in their data interpretations efforts, but there are still many questions outstanding that require further exploration.

In this podcast sponsored by ATCC, we’ve gathered a diverse group of experts in microbiome research to address some challenging issues the field is currently facing from genomic, bioinformatic, and clinical perspectives. Take a listen to this lively and informative discussion!




Nathan Mcnulty, PhD

Vice President of Research



Denise O’Sullivan, PhD

Science Leader, Infectious Diseases



Amanda Young, PhD

Former Senior Manager, Scientific Research

Illumina (at the time of recording)


Briana Benton

Technical Manager



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