He added; “The challenges and opportunities presented by the global need for bio-based economies are manifold. Working across traditional discipline boundaries and along the length of the discovery-to-application pipeline are key.

“The MIB provides an ideal setting for scientists, technologists and innovators, and we need to ensure that it is recognised internationally as the go-to place for biotechnology research, training and commercialisation. I look forward to refreshing and extending the fantastic programs that [outgoing Director] Professor Scrutton and colleagues have developed over the past ten years.”

Professor Martin Schroder, Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, commented: “I am thrilled and delighted that Rob Field is joining us as Director of MIB, and as Professor in the Department of Chemistry.

“As well as being an internationally-recognised research leader, [Prof Field] has a wealth of leadership experience that will be invaluable in promoting and expanding our activities across biotechnology, and ensuring strong impact and translation of our research.”

Industrial biotechnology

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