It is a brand-new role at Bournemouth-based Life Sciences company Solentim: Mark Stockdale will join the global leader in cell line development instrumentation as as “Amalgamator of Business and Biology”.

Stockdale has previously spent 10 years at Horizon Discovery, most recently working within the Applied Products Division as an R&D Manager for applications in bioprocessing. He led a team developing new mammalian host cell lines for the bioprocess industry and conducted strategic planning to deliver business growth and the deployment of technology in biopharma partner laboratories.

Aaron Figg, Managing Director at Solentim, commented: “Mark has almost 15 years’ experience in the biotechnology sector and is very well known and respected in the field of cell line development. He will be an extremely valuable asset to our team. We look forward to working with him to continue to develop and expand relationships at the highest level with our customers and to help identify new business opportunities.”