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Merlin Chew of The West Australian Monday, 10 February 2020 2:30PM

Holista Colltech chief executive Dr Rajen M with the NatShield Sanitizer.
Holista Colltech chief executive Dr Rajen M with the NatShield Sanitizer. Credit: Supplied

A Perth-based pharmaceutical and biotech company has seen demand for its sanitiser skyrocket amid the worsening coronavirus outbreak. 

Holist CollTech (ASX:HCT) announced today that it will ship an additional 90,000 NatShield sanitisers after receiving fresh orders from Australia, Malaysia and other parts of Asia. 

The company said its first delivery last week of 30,000 bottles to pharmacies in Sydney and Melbourne, and the same quantity to a south-east Asian distributor, had sold out amid rising concerns of the deadly coronavirus spreading. 

The NatShield sanitiser contains Path-Away, a plant-based active ingredient the company said is proven to kill more than 170 pathogens and previously known corona-type viruses. 

Until now, Holista has been shipping in the active ingredient in drums before it is combined with purified water under strict supervision and bottled in Malaysia. 

Due to shortages of bottles faced by Malaysian bottlers, Holista said it has started negotiations with bottlers in Australia.

“We will announce details of the bottling arrangement and local production in Australia when details are finalised,” said Holista CollTech director Daniel O’Connor. 

“Once finalised, Australia can then supply not only here but into New Zealand and even Asia.”

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