Sakata Seed America recently announced the addition of John Lindbo to the company’s expanding research department.

As senior biotechnology manager, Lindbo is responsible for managing the biotechnology team, which includes marker-assisted selection, marker discovery, and a new tissue culture lab for developing di-haploid lines in multiple crops.

“John will play an integral part in the Global Biotech Working Group at Sakata through collaboration with headquarters in Japan and affiliates in France and Brazil. His extensive knowledge and skillset in the biotechnology field are vitally important to our efforts to increase capabilities in biotechnology and help Sakata map the future capability of this function,” says Jeff Zischke, senior director of research and development at Sakata Seed.

Lindbo has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Oregon State University. For his graduate thesis work, he genetically engineered plants to be immune to tobacco etch potyvirus infection defining the RNA interference approach to resistance.  After completing his doctorate, he did a post-doc at UC Davis in the NSF-sponsored Center for Engineering Plants for Resistance Against Pathogens (CEPRAP). 

In addition to his pioneering work in RNA interference, Lindbo has an extensive career in plants and biotechnology. Throughout his diverse professional history, he has taught undergraduate biology courses at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, worked as a senior scientist for a biotech startup company, taught and researched virology as an assistant professor at Ohio State University Department of plant pathology, and worked as a research scientist at UC Davis Department of Plant Pathology. In 2009, he began work in the seed industry at Campbell’s Seeds managing the molecular marker program and labs. Following Campbell’s acquisition by HM Clause in 2012, he continued work at HM Clause, where he developed new tools, techniques, and traits for use in plant breeding.  

“Sakata continues pioneering innovation in seed breeding and technology. I’m excited and honored to join a team renowned in the market not only for its stellar breeding and genetic advancements but for outstanding production, sales, and marketing support as well,” says Lindbo. “I look forward to working and collaborating with a research team comprised of many impressive industry veterans.”

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