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Companies developing lab automation, ophthalmological treatments, and novel foods received Europe’s top biotech investments in February 2022.

European and Israeli biotech investments in February 2022 narrowly beat January’s performance. Life sciences companies in these regions bagged 52 private investments and initial public offerings (IPOs), worth €664M. Meanwhile, January’s tally was 41 deals totaling €660M. Neither month matched the biotech investment highs of December 2021.

After a funding slump in January, industrial biotechnology companies recovered in February with private fundraising close to €100M. This rally was driven by funding flowing into the food and agribiotech sectors. Additionally, enabling technologies, such as lab automation and protein manufacturing, received big investor attention.

The bulk of healthcare biotech investments went to specialists in cancer, which is a common attraction. Unlike previous months, ophthalmology was also under the investor spotlight in February.

February echoed January’s modest biotech IPO performance in comparison to 2021’s massive offerings.